High Pressure Water Mist Pump Units 

The Hydro Series of high pressure water mist pump units are designed specifically for industrial and commercial applications. They offer quick and effective fire suppression, ensuring business downtime is kept to a minimum in case of any fire incident. 
The Hydro pump units are compact, modular skid mounted units offering a range of 100 litres per minute to 800 litres per minute at maximum 140bar pressure. All systems can have a redundant pump for added safety. The Hydro pump series features integrated pilot/feeder pumps. An optional Star-Delta arrangement to reduce the starting current requirement is offered with our systems. 
At the heart of the Hydro Series lies the 9-piston, stainless steel maintenance free pump. The system performance is enhanced using these oil free, water lubricated pumps. The 9-piston pumps deliver a smooth water output with reduced pulsation, which plays a major role in creating an effective water mist spray pattern. As the pumps are water lubricated, there is a reduced potential of cross contamination of water and lubricating oil. All the pumps are maintenance free and are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel. 
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Hydrocore High Pressure Water Mist Pump Units are designed for the protection of: 

Automotive and Industrial Applications 
Cable Tunnels 
Machinery Spaces 
Road Tunnels 
Schools and Universities 
Test Cells 

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