About Hydrocore 

Founded in 2012, Hydrocore was created to bring to market a new, improved technique for fire suppression: high pressure water mist. In an industry that has relied on old technology, Hydrocore has embraced the advances now available in fire suppression and has a growing customer base that can testify to its effectiveness. 
Our product range now includes high pressure water mist systems, low pressure water mist systems, automatic and manual section valves and open and closed nozzles. To cater to the growing demand, Hydrocore now have offices in the UK, China and Singapore. 

Why Choose Hydrocore

We are experts in Fire Suppression 

We offer a range of water mist solutions covering high pressure and low pressure water mist depending upon your requirements and the hazard to be protected. Water mist is a highly efficient fire suppression system which uses specially designed nozzles to create a fine mist. Where water mist shows its real advantage is that it combines the fire suppression effect of gas systems and traditional sprinkler systems, but uses much less water in the process, causing less collateral damage to property and equipment. 

100% Manufactured in the UK 

Hydrocore has its manufacturing operation in Hull where it can draw on a skilled workforce committed to delivering quality products. Majority of our components are sourced from within the UK and EU, while a few are sourced on a global basis to ensure high standards and cost competitiveness. 
Find out more about more about our manufacturing operations. 

A wide range of applications 

Water mist systems have a broad range of applications that include: 
Machinery Halls 
Generator Rooms 
Data Centres 
Plant Rooms 
Commercial Buildings 
Restaurants & Cafés 

A tried, tested and proven solution 

The Hydrocore high pressure water mist system has been installed in some of the most rigorous environments such as: 
Road tunnels 
Data centres 
Shopping Malls 
Railway and Metro stations 
Art galleries 
Automotive Test Centres 

Global footprint 

Hydrocore have delivered high pressure water mist solutions in Western Europe and the Far East. Our team has broad experience of local conditions and how our systems can best be adapted to suit customer’s needs. 
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