All Hydrocore products are manufactured at our new modern manufacturing site in the UK by a team of professional and trained Hydrocore engineers and technicians. In house manufacturing helps us keep a control on the product quality and offer high performance cost effective products to our clients.

Hydrocore is an ISO 9001 accredited company and has adopted a Total Quality Management approach by following practices like lean manufacturing, single piece flow, 5S principles and working on continuous improvement projects. All Hydrocore products are manufactured and vigorously tested in Hull. The primary components are sourced from world class suppliers from within the UK and from Europe.

Hydrocore nozzles are subjected to stringent fire tests, where nozzle performance is tested for multiple fire test scenarios for various applications. Fire tests are followed by a series of demanding component tests where components are tested for their longevity and include tests like: corrosion tests, ageing tests, thermal shock tests, clogging tests, leakage tests and internal pressure tests.


Factory Acceptance Test

To ensure quality products are supplied to our customers, all our products undergo a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Hydraulic testing of pumps along with dry runs for all the electrical components and the control panel are carried out, amongst other tests during the FAT testing of high pressure water mist units.

Effective Performance

Nozzles play a vital role in the proper operation and effective performance of a high pressure water mist system. Understanding the criticality of the nozzle operation, Hydrocore has developed a special nozzle testing facility where nozzles are tested at one and a half times their operating pressure before being supplied to our customers.

Site Acceptance Test

Once installed on site, Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is carried out where the system performance is tested and monitored and is followed up with regular maintenance checks throughout the life of the product.